Sunday, November 20, 2011


I was driving down to a book fair yesterday and contemplating my life as it stands at the moment. There is a constant tug of war between I should be in the studio or what is the next thing to write. I only lasted one day at the book fair. It was all good, I met a new friend, Mary who wrote 3 books, Mary Greenwood is an author, negotiator, attorney, human resources professional, and mediator. Her three books are How to Interview Like a Pro, How To Mediate Like A Pro and How to Negotiate Like A Pro which have won a total of 28 book awards. She has a nice award on her page. I want one! She wrote practical books with easy to learn practical tips on getting ahead.

Mine is a memoir/adventure story, so it's appeal is not as great. I am not being sour grapes about it. Twice in a week, I ran into two women, who don't know each other, and they both read my book. Both women shared with me the story of them being in some circumstance beyond what they were use to. At the moment of panic they both independently came to the same question, "What would Judy do?"

That was fun... they got out of their jams and it was nice that they thought of me.

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