Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am enjoying a good read

A couple of weeks ago, I went camping with a large group, as I signed up to help out with a Kayak Rendezvous here in Florida. I do not camp. So, I didn't have a clue how to set up my tent. That's when 'she who doesn't camp', asked for help from other campers. That is how I meant Warren Richey, the author of 'Without a Paddle'. I so enjoyed our discussions about our adventures. I could no more see myself paddling a 17 ft kayak around the state of Florida then could he take a 13 year old daughter around the world. What I am enjoying is the description of his adventures. There are some tender, heartfelt moments for sure in the book, but I love his story telling. I have laughed out loud more than one. It is fun to know an author and then read his book. I will have to meet more of them. I think I will head in to read some more right now. Thanks Warren!

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  1. hey judy!
    how did i NOT know that you had a blog? this post made me laugh, and i am glad that i know you and can picture you as a 'she who does not camp' camper!
    i usually have trouble getting my comments to go through on blogger, and i usually have trouble subscribing. if it's like usual, i will send this four or five times, and eventually it's accepted.
    looks like it's time for a new post!