Monday, January 24, 2011

FUn! Fun! Fun! Months ago, I filled out an interview from this blogspot and forgot all about it. I found out that today I am their guest author...

Friday, January 14, 2011

What fun!

Since I published Journeys: a grand adventure, I have been sitting back recovering from the process. But it is up on Amazon and is available on Kindle. It warms my heart to read the reviews that are coming in. They are all wonderful, interesting and make this whole project worthwhile. I have spoken in public a couple of times about it and the same thing happened each time. People leave all excited because everyone has something they always wanted to do and a lot of people just don't ever get to do it. I am happy to tell my story and nudge them along.
You can go to my Amazon site and under the kindle link you can read the first 35 pages. What fun is that? I have chosen a few books to read using that feature and some I chose not to.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year

Visit She Writes

This is a fun, interesting group I am member of. The news this week, is that the New Year is here, it came in with a cold that came to me from a woman on a bus who coughed right in my face. It settled down eventually into my lungs where all that sand still resides from my horse back riding adventure behind the Pyramid of Giza, in a sandstorm. Foolish adventure, but honestly the sandstorm wasn't happening when we left. Jill and I both got sick then and from that point on colds just settle in my chest and gunk around the sand that must be imbedded there. I eventually get over it.

Oh well, besides that? I downloaded Journeys on my kindle ap on my Ipad. That was fun! It was perfect. I am totally overwhelmed trying to reformat my manuscript from PFD to .word..... oh boy!