Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 5,2010 still waiting

I paid more for the latest proof of my manuscript to get to me sooner and that hasn't happened. I had to change the margins for the last time and the change on the back cover that tales the story from being about 'me' to the reader and what they could do.
I was interviewed yesterday for a magazine article by a lovely reporter. I had been thinking ahead of time as to what I would say when asked, "what took me so long?" or "why now?".

When I got thinking about the years that passed since 9/11 when my manuscript got stopped dead in its tracks. Well once we got over that more of less, then every two years after, I had first my mother in law, then my father in law and most recently my mother who passed on. That brings me right up to now.... and in hindsight each event was challenging and time consuming.

So now it is time! I look forward letting it go out there in the world and see what happens. It is my service project.

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