Wednesday, October 27, 2010

2 weeks

It seems that I have been working on this forever and I think I have gone through 6 or 7 proofs but that's what happens when you do it yourself. So I am at the 2 weeks part of the game. I finally paid to have it formatted electronically for Kindle, the Nook, ibook and epub, and that was on Monday and she said it would take 2 weeks. I answered all the PR questions, and she said, 2 weeks! I did find a few errors in the last proof that I was attempting to forget about and/or not let it bother me. Well, once I had the 2 week window, I sent it in for the LAST proof. Then hopefully it will all fall into place.

Rebecca from Space Coast LIving is writing an article about me and my painting and now Journeys. I gave her a copy a few weeks ago and she is pitching it in the article in December. The neighbors who read it in present time, they loved it, so it will be on its way soon. And I will just be honest and know that I am doing it because Lao Tzu told me to.

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