Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today, I finally did it, I clicked enter twice and sent my manuscript up to Createspace and to Amazon's DPT site. From the time I decided to take my manuscript out of the closet till now has been at least a month. And the manuscript was all done. An updated Introduction, and Epilogue brought it into present tense. Then hours of research as to how to do this outside of the traditional method which I attempted the first time. I believe It would have gone eventually had it not been for 9/11 and the fear and anxiety that ensued for years. I have to admit, I did forget about it, too. I always knew that there would be a someday, but I thought it would have to be on my deathbed or something, 'oh before I go, let me tell you this great story'. I am way too superstitious to have created that, and I didn't want to spend the energy necessary in that place. Hopefully it would have been fiction and that would have screwed up a non fiction story.

Thank you to Elizabeth Gilbert and Eat Pray Love. It's appeal demonstrated to me that there was now interest. So the next Journey began. And the biggest thing was that my dear husband who has put off reading this for all these years, now that it is going out in the world, he is reading it. I never realized how much anxiety was harboring in the anticipation of this event. As a friend said, it was like I was pushing a rock up a hill for all these years, and someone just took it away.

We had the conversation we should have had nine years ago, last week. And it is all good. We admit that we are not the same people now that we were then, fortunately we have grown. He is a wonderful man in that did not object to my telling the story as it was. I couldn't or wouldn't have changed anything anyhow, cause there was consequences to everything that happened. His vulnerability as we had the overdue conversation was endearing... and here we are, still together.

Back to the details of a POD book. It is not easy but it is doable with either the know how, or the friends and associates who know how to do the things that I don't

The train has left the station.... let's see where it goes.

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