Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday I was honored to speak to a group of women from a local book club. Most all had read Journeys and the conversation was all over the board. I had fun retelling some of the exciting parts of the story. I was asked repeatedly and I answered honestly about being afraid, that most times I was not. But, was I really not afraid to do what I did? and during certain incidents, wasn't I afraid then?

Well that got me remembering and thinking. When I was traveling, my indication to go was so strong which was my fall back to not be afraid. If I had wanted to do this and if I was supposed to do this, and here I was doing it, why be afraid?

There were specific incidents that were scary and yes, I was afraid at those times. What I did then, and have learned sense, is that fear is most all the time about some future event. Staying in the present moment and checking out ones parameters is usually enough to keep me balanced and certain. During those specific events that gave me a fright, my need to not be fearful for my daughters sake challenged me to walk right through the fear. Not realizing what a successful tip that was, I can see now how effective it was to get us/me out of jams.

It was a fun, interesting and rewarding event. Thanks Ladies!

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  1. I think you were very brave... I would have needed a far more detailed plan of the trip, but you seemed fine with going with the moment. Kudos for that!