Sunday, November 14, 2010

My first book signing

Well that was fun! It was at Aquarian Dreams and we had the large room. In about an hour we transformed it to the place to be. In the end, there was SRO and I think it went well, from sharing the story not of me, look what we did, to look what we did, and you can do it to. I am depending heavily on my sage Lao Tzu to guide me through this. He gave me the nudge to do it at this time, and whenever I stay out of the doubt and fear, it is all well. Being vulnerable was OK. No one shot me or anything. My goal was to be honest and to discuss how when faced with fear, it is best to consider the odds and do something. It was fun to hear me say, that when faced with no money it was better to spend the last baht we had on a wonderful dinner rather than nothing as we didn't have enough money to go on, and when in that situation it is better to eat then not, while we search for the solution. Same thing about going to the trip. Being afraid to go and afraid to not go. Well seeing as their was fear surrounding each decision, I made the choice that had a trip with it.

Many of the lessons learned when lived through they didn't register. But upon review they are apparent. It was gratifying to hear the women come up who just like the last time, thanked me for telling my story as they were so inspired to do whatever. I guess that is what it is all about.

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